Turn a picture into strokes with varied thickness.

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Hello, guys :)

I've been learning processing for fun over the past few months and decided to go for the next step: create some sort of tool I could convert images into something similar to these Karel Martens posters.

2007_Fall_KarelMartens_800 20130424-103-600x400 tumblr_ls4xz23Op61qbpp5u

After trying it a bit I would like to get some advice from you, specially in terms of what direction would be best to follow. I'm starting my sketch by converting the pixels in a black and white picture into an array. Then I would like to use this array to determine the thickness of the vertical lines. However, I'm still not sure this is the best way to go and what to do next.

Thanks for your help!




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    I would

    • load the image
    • then resize it to fit the number of rows and columns of your grid.
    • loop over the pixels-array
    • check the brightness of each pixel
    • and draw rectangles with different width or height depending on the brightness
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    cut the image in small but wide horizontal sub-images

    place them with a small y-offset on a new white cavas

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