I get error "IndexOutOfBoundsExeption..." and cannot load object. Help me to solve it, please.

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PShape build;

void setup(){
  fullScreen (P3D); 
  build = loadShape("city.obj");

void draw(){
  camera (0,-55,55, 0,0,0, 0,1,0);

  background (39,39,39); 
  shape (build);


  • what line is the error on?

    what's in the object file?

    is the file name correct? is it in the right place? is it the right format?

  • fullScreen();

    without parameter

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    error in line build = loadShape("city.obj"); the file name is typed correctly it's in the right place, right format I had no trouble loading shape, when it was just a polygon, but now I'm trying to load some kind of a city with buildings and roads

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    what's wrong with fullScreen()? it doesn't work without parameter

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