Use input from one device for output from a different device

I'm about to get started on my first really extensive Processing project, and I'm a bit overwhelmed by how to put all the pieces together. I'm wanting to create a program that takes input from a selected device, lets the user apply effects, then sounds the output to a different selected device to be used like a sort of real-time, non-looping sample. For example, a user could plug a radio into their computer, choose and adjust the effects they want the output to have, then change the pitch of the output using a keyboard that's also plugged into the computer.

I don't know if that made sense, and I don't even know if my idea in its current form is even possible (I'm pretty new to the world of computer science and electronics... I've only been using Processing since this past summer, and started reading textbooks on electronics and sound engineering about a month ago, so while I know my way around both, I still have a LOT to learn). But if anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be greatly appreciated.


  • You want to work with sound only? Then I can think of input device as your computer's sound card, but what is the different device? Cause you can either output sound back to sound card -> speakers or save output to a file.

    In any case, effects, pitch and input/output of sound may be done with Sound library.

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