Strange console messages when running simple Capture example

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(This is my first Processing forum post, I've never had any issues with running Processing until now.)

So I've just updated to Processing 3 on my 10.10.3 OS X (Yosemite) install, and I'm getting these very cryptic console logs from an unknown source. Hell Google doesn't even know what the smallest parts of the message are. This seems to crash the Capture protocol unless you luckily run the script (without stopping it manually around 3 to 5 times), this is currently making my testing waiting around for it to just magically work. It only works (occasionally, it's not guaranteed) once I get 2 console logs from a strange source called CoreMachDebugLog, which seems to be some sort of kernel level debug message that gets sent to the JVM.

This is the most it prints before crashing if it doesn't work:

Dec 20 07:17:32 computer_name.local CoreMachDebugLog[1040] : CONFIG_CMIO_CLASSNAME CMIO_DP_ModuleTermFunc

Dec 20 07:17:33 computer_name.local CoreMachDebugLog[1042] : CONFIG_CMIO_CLASSNAME CMIO_DP_ModuleInitFunc (null)

Can anybody discern what's going on here?

NOTE: As I was typing this, I left a nonfunctioning version of my script running by accident, and it filled up my computer's RAM! To put this in perspective my computer has 32GB of RAM, what on earth is going on?!?

(Also if I may add the Processing executable I downloaded from the site is still called Processing 2, which seems strange even though the interface has completely changed.)

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