Client and server Websocket library for Processing

Hi all

I have just created a new Websockets library for Processing. I now that other people have done this as well, but I have tried to implement both the server- and client-side in a single, simple to use, library. The library can be found here:

It would be great to have it published on the official libraries page at some point. Initially, I would really like you guys to try out the library, and provide feedback, so that I/we can optimise it for your needs.

A little side story I am a PhD student in Aarhus (Denmark), just starting my second year. My focus is tools for makers, and the overall goal is to research what kinds of software tools are out there (creating something like a taxonomy). Additionally, I'm interested in investigating how to co-create software tool; how to collaborate on creating tools that have actual value for the end users (makers in my case - which is still quite broad :-), and what are the do's and dont's (guidelines for developing good tools).

I'm doing research through design, which means that I want to conduct my research in the wild - with you guys. I have been following the Processing community for a few years now (I have been teaching Processing for two years at the University of Aarhus in Denmark), and I'm extremely motivated for leveraging the Processing community directly in my PhD work.


Lasse Vestergaard


  • hi I've plan to send the frame of big image from processing on my laptop to couple of ESP node through my home wifi-modem , each ESP has couple LED strip attached to it and processing slice the image and add node IP address to each of them and transmit to those which way is the safe and fast ? plain TCP? UDP? server websocket of processing and client websocket on ESP node? client websocket of processing and server websocket on ESP node? if we consider 25 frame per second , each package must deliver under 40ms and concurrent multiple connection should be create and kept live , is it possible with your library

    any help is really appreciated

  • Hey, can I get a list of the functions we can write? I need to make my server multi-client friendly. Thanks

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