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New to the Forum? Welcome! Please Read This

Hello and welcome to the newcomers of this forum.

I recommend to read attentively the descriptions of each category, use the most specialized one for your problem†, post there...

† For example, if you use Kinect and have a problem, that's a programming question, you use a library, and it needs a hardware device. Obviously, most questions here are programming questions, anybody can download a library, but not everybody has this device, so the most specialized category is Hardware.

This forum use the Markdown method to format the text. Click on the corresponding bold word below the text area to have a description. Beware! This forum collapses adjacent lines into one paragraph. You can separate them with a blank line, or you can end a line with <br> or with two spaces to make a simple line break.

When you have code to show, there is some ways to do it. First paste it, then select it. Then hit the C button above the text area, or hit the Ctrl+K key combination. This indents the code with four spaces or a tab, and the forum will highlight it. The code must have blank lines before and after it.

Ctrl+K with a code fragment selected (less than a line) surrounds the selection with backticks, resulting in code escaped and rendered with a fixed-width font (like the HTML examples here).

Alternatively, you can surround the code with <pre lang="processing">...</pre>, but there are some issues with this method (generics...). If you use lang="text" instead, it allows to preserve line-ending of stack traces and similar logs.

Try to make descriptive subjects: not "I need help" (that's the case in most messages!), but "Why my ball doesn't rebound correctly" or "Can I do <this> with the library Xyz?".

If possible, try and make a small, short sketch reproducing your problem, isolate it. If you have an issue with random numbers, for example, don't show them in a sketch using Arduino and a library, if these are unrelated: making a simple standalone sketch helps people in helping you by allowing them to run the problematic code, even if they don't have the hardware / library / resources.

Have a good forum experience and an enjoying journey in the realm of programming and creating coding!


  • i would also add (if i may):

    include operating system and Processing version in any questions

    if you're posting a null pointer exception problem or other compilation problem, tell us the error and which line it's on!

    and if you're including images then either post them or, if the contents aren't really important, at least tell us the size.

  • I would also note that if someone answers your question please mark it as the answer. I browse the "unanswered" questions looking to assist people, and find that more often than not, they are answered but unmarked as such.

  • edited November 2013

    I see that mostly times, threads are marked as answered too early too! :-?

  • edited November 2013
    1. Actually, if you don't click on answered then an annoying pop up comes continuously at the left bottom of the screen and displayed until you select either answered button or reject button and if you reject the answer it assumed mean. So I basically I am saying people don't want to be mean who has atlest tried to reply.
    2. Answered button also treated as respect button who replied to your question even if your problem would have not been solved.

    This is totally psychological, I think.

  • edited November 2013

    Maybe changing the "accept" / "reject" buttons popup to something less brutal would help remove the psychological bias.

    What about having an unticked checkbox labelled "this solved my problem" and a button "Thanks for your input"?

  • exactly ! because choosing those negative options shows disrespect for the people who has taken effort answer you!

  • edited December 2013

    removed this as it was in the wrong place.

  • @reid: As a temporary fix, you could copy-paste the code in Sublime Text 2 which automatically strips out the line numbers, then into the PDE.

  • edited November 2013

    For some reason, I cannot delete, edit or split answers in this announcement! A serious bug in this forum. Ah, this is because this topic was made in the early days of the forum, topics are also edited in HTML instead of markdown!

    reid, this is totally off-topic, this message shouldn't have been there...

  • I don't receive email notification when people answer or comment a post where I'm. In the preference acount I check all boxes to receive email notification...normal ?

  • How is it related to this topic? Ask these questions in the General category, please.

  • edited November 2013

    How do I reject an answer to to my question? Not that I want to reject it but it doesn't answer the question.

    PLZ ignore I did not see the fine print in the answer.

  • So sorry, too impulsive, i did a mess, ops...

  • edited January 2014

    no prob

  • edited February 2014

    Removed as requested..

  • How can I reopen a discussion I wan to change the answered option..

  • I need to reopen the discussion "output is not staying still.." but it is marked as answered I am not able to reopen it... please help me with this issue

  • hai friends am new comer in this forum. Am now in a project and i got many help from you people, Thanks for all.

  • hi I am a newcomer and I recently installed the processing IDE in my computer. But I can't run the example sketches. No, display window appears but an error message appears at the bottom of the IDE

  • Hi,

    I used to have a account in the Beta version forum.

    I remember that the forum changed a few years ago and I had to create a new account, but has it changed again?


  • Just found and caseyreas post.

    I guess that answered my question :)


  • edited April 2014

    Seems there is some forum bug that sometimes gives the following error when posting a comment:

    "String could not be parsed as XML"

    The comment is posted, but you don't see it. And the comment is also kept as a draft. So for those unknowing, this may lead to double posts.

  • Is anybody else getting this message "String could not be parsed as XML"?

    I am using Firefox 28.0 on Windows 8.

  • I got that error too, and as a result I posted 3 times the same comment. Which by the way, I cannot delete.

  • This area is not for posting comments on the forum. The General section is there for this usage.

  • How can I delete my discussion, I've accidentally made two identical.. =S

  • how can I delete a thread?

  • I compiled a list of tips and resources for total beginners. If you're coming to Processing with no programming background and you're wondering where to start, read on:

  • This article is a useful reminder for all of us who try to answer questions on the forums:

  • Could someone answer my question? Thanks.

  • Hey, I am looking to higher someone for a pretty high wage to help me complete some very basic processing activities please let me know if you are interested!

  • LCP Techwiz777 at your service Ma'am!

  • LCP stands for low class programmer. But I think I will be promoted today at 2:00.

  • It would be helpful if, in the topmost comment, it would be made clear how to mark a reply as "Answered".
    I have spent quite a while trying to do just that for my question in "tools" but with no luck.

  • edited October 2014

    For me sometimes accept/reject doesn't turn up. Then I only see the username, time, edit, flat.

  • Hi! well i´m trying to ask a question but it shows that i dont "have permission to ask a question in this category", how can i fix it?

  • Love the videos and thank you for making them on youtube

  • And lets try not to be snotty about innocent violation of the rules.

  • edited September 2016


  • I posted an inquiry about displaying my processing 3 sketches on the web. A message showed up indicating that question had been answered and to accept or reject those answers. I don't understand what that means. How do I accept or reject those answers?

  • edited October 2017

    As a general advise, avoid rejecting answers.
    And postpone accepting 1 until you're satisfied w/ 1.

  • That does bring up a question - what's the purpose of rejecting an answer?

  • Not a lot really but would be appropriate if the answer is completely off-topic or does not solve the problem or an attempt to hijack the topic ...

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