embed html into Processing sketch?

is this doable?

reason - so that can use html5 for text handling & interaction

(so once its there - also getting it to talk to processing...)




  • I don't think there is any simple way to achieve that. However, you can embed processing into html page if you're OK with browser application instead of desktop. p5js is easy but have less functionality than Java mode Processing.

  • its for an installation - two fullscreen displays - Processing better for fullscreen but not much for all the text layout & interaction will figure something thanks


  • @marko: Probably adds to the complexity but you could have one screen running HTML in a browser (in fullscreen/kiosk mode) that connects to your sketch via a network connection. Actually it looks to me like the Simple HTTP server library would help a lot with this: it includes examples of how input from the browser can be fed into event handlers in your sketch :)

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