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As of now, I've became used to the processing IDE, in it's lenguage, appearence and everything related to the writing of the code. Surely I'm now complaining about the need to learn another lenguage, in this case C, for the school, but I would like to keep some comforts of processing, in this case the whole text editing part. My school wants us to use a particular program,Dev-C++, but is there a way to have the processing editor and it's functions like the autoFormat, the environment in general? In a way to write the code in processing and then have it compiled in C by another compiler?


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    • I believe you've become used to hit CTRL+T and wanna keep typing in a more Java-ish style, right?
    • Indeed Java & C share almost every keyword, operator & structures.
    • And Processing's IDE (PDE) may more or less work for auto-format in C too.
    • It's been a long time since I've tried C. In that time I've used Code::Blocks IDE:
    • It's daunting perusing its many features. But a nice interesting 1 is changing auto-format style.
    • And Java style is 1 of the many pre-select 1s. And we can customize it further.

    P.S.: From, there's also "Imports Dev-C++ projects"! :-bd

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    Almost forgot: Arduino IDE is for C & C++ and got all Processing's IDE features:

  • Nope, arduino's one is similar to processing v 2.0 and is actually a bit unfunctional compared to the new versions. Indeed I 've become used to the shortcuts, the double clicks and little tweaks of processing; also I do like how it manages folders and files; I'm not sure I can install new programs because of windows administration privileges I have not. So ain't there a mod or something to write on processing and compile on dev c?

    • Most you can do is typing in the PDE and copy & pasted to another IDE for compilation.
    • About Code::Blocks, you can try it out in your own PC and see if you like it.
    • Then you can try your luck in requesting to install in your school's computer.
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    Just found out a portable installation alternative for Code::Blocks here:

    Grab the ".zip" file and unzip somewhere you have access to. Even some USB stick. *-:)
    This way you can run it w/o asking for admin rights. :ar!

  • ow man, just today we had our laboratory moved to some pre 2000 room with lousy windows vista computers. Just saying but I couldn't even load my projects from the usb as it continued crashing any damn time, it is worthless to even try; next time maybe...

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    meanwhile, regarding your first point, is there a way to have processing save the text in the proper format and then I just have the compiler work with it? It whas the original point.

    • PDE offers auto-indentation & Java-ish style via CTRL+T.
    • After CTRL+T, you can CTRL+A & CTRL+C.
    • Then CTRL+V inside your C IDE.
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