Problem with using TouchOSC (iPhone app) with Processing (on Windows) using oscP5


I'm pretty new to OSC, but I do understand the idea behind it and the possibilities it offers. I checked the oscP5 library and run some of its examples. Then I found out that there are certain iPhone apps that can send OSC messages and I thought it would be cool to control my sketch's parameters using the values received from my iPhone. TouchOSC seemed like the most popular app for this and it got me really excited. I set the host address and port to my laptop's address and port (I'm sure I got these numbers correct), but for some reason nothing happens when I use the app..

I really don't know how to approach to this problem since I'm new to this. I just don't know why my laptop isn't receiving the app's messages.
Oh and yeah, I'm using Windows 7


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    It turns out I was, in fact, using the wrong IP address of my laptop :D, so the problem is solved, works perfectly.

    I just don't know how to delete this thread.. mods, feel free to delete it, cheers.

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