DMX512 Port has disapeared !

Hello ! I'm quite blocked right now with a weird trouble : I use Processing to send DMX data to an ENTTEC DMX USB PRO device. But after some updates (because the Enttec Pro manager could not see the device, which I needed for testing) : - first with the FTDI USB Serial software, - then from the Pro Manager itself (for the Firmware) - and then with the drivers

Sinc my firts operation, I can't get any acces anymore to the serial port : until then there was an available EN145599 usb port in Processing but it's gone now. Pure Data doesn't see it neither. Only the PRO Manager software now sees the device, which is horrible.

it's a ENTTEC 02145599 model with a 2.4 Firmware, I'm on Osx 10.10.5 5 (Yosemite)

What shall I do ? Is there anyway I can gt my port back ?

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