how to read videos .mov with alpha channel. Which compression?

hello there!

I am currently trying to integrate in my sketch a series of videos with alpha channel, but I cannot really succeed. I already tried with different compressions, like Animation, Apple ProRes, HAP.. but it doesn't seem to work out. Does anybody know if there is a special video file format I need to use or a codec I have to install? It happened that when I play some files I can hear the sound of my vid, but the footage is not visible.

I am working on osx with Processing3 by the way..



  • I'd like to specify that I have the same issue if I run the sketch in processing2 and, in both cases p2 or p3, only if the video has been rendered with compressions that allow to include alpha channel.


  • Hello @illemaratoettam
    I bump into the same question,I render out my video with alpha channel(quicktime) in AfterEffect. But it's no luck to show transparent in Processing3. Could you give me advice? All the searches I've got about alpha channel video is using "sequence pictures" and mask. But there's a lot of problem with sync mask and video or memory problem.


  • Sorry, I couldn't find any compatible video format.. I agree with you about the mask option. it's not really working properly. by the way, I made a function which is working like a key-matte.. it's a bit noisy on the edges, but fair enough for my needs.

  • Hey @yanghansyuan At the moment I'm back in the research for possible methods to read videos with alpha channel.. did you get any solution in the meantime? thanks!

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