Div Games Studio Fork Library for Processing.

Progcessing Game Library v1.0

Hi folks, I'm happy to announce the release of the first version of the library to make games with processing 3.0.2 on Windows / Linux / MacOSX / Android.

The library has examples of use, I have not yet been able to create advanced examples but I'm working on it. I'll post games good example to see how to use this.

DOWNLOAD: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/65979707/processing/PGS/PGS.zip DOWNLOAD Last Android Mode: https://github.com/processing/processing-android/releases/tag/latest

Library dependences: - Cassete. - Fisica. - Minim.

With this library you can make games with colisions, sprites, scroll parallax, joy on screen, and more and more.. Includes automatic zSort algoritm por draw sprites etc etc.. Enjoy.

Incomming more advanced examples and games for download.


  • Game created on 24 Hours with this lib.

    Incomming v1.0 for release.. VIDEO: https://youtube.com/watch?v=ebUysXxnftM&feature=youtu.be

  • Hello community, I'm beginning to document the Game Engine to publish it, I leave you a preview of the list of functions and classes. The GameEngine is available for Android / Windows / Linux / MacOSX and do not change one iota of code between any of the supported platforms. Perhaps most importantly, this GameEngine is that allows you to program a game at a fixed resolution and automatically render adjusts itself by filling the screen where it is displayed as a texture, and not to do anything but choose a resolution and schedule the game for this and then works the same everywhere with absolutely change anything. This is a list of features:

         Project : DivGS multimedia game engine.
          Author : Erkosone
         Created : 17 Jan 2016
                                         Processing Version tested : 3.0.1
    - setMode(int width, int height);
    - setVirtualResolution(int width, int height);
    - setFps(int fps);
    - defineRegion(int numRegion, int x, int y, int width, int height);
    - onRegion(int numRegion, int x, int y);
    - fadeOn(int millisecs);
    - fadeOff(millisecs millisecs);
    - fadeSetColor(int r, int g, int b);
    - putScreen(PImage img);
    - clearScreen();
    - clearScreen(int r, int g, int b);
    - clearScreenColor(int r, int g, int b);
    - screenDrawGraphic(PImage img_, float x, float y, float angle, int sizeX, int sizeY, int alpha);
    - putGraphic(PImage dst, int dst_offset_x, int dst_offset_y,    PImage src);
    - clearGraphic(PImage img, color c);
    - mapGetPixel(PImage img, int x, int y);
    - mapChangeColor(PImage gr, color actual, color newColor);
    - screenDrawText(PFont fnt, int size, String text, int centerCode, float x, float y, color col);
    - boolean key(int code);
    - worldSetGravity(float angle, float module);
    - collision(sprite a, sprite b);
    - collisionMouse(sprite a);
    - float angleRad(PVector v1, PVector v2);
    - float angleDeg(PVector v1, PVector v2);
    - float getDist(PVector v1, PVector v2);
    - PShape vectorize(PImage img, boolean centerMode);
    - soundLoad(String filename);
    - soundPlay(AudioPlayer/MediaPlayer sfx);
    - soundPause(AudioPlayer/MediaPlayer sfx, boolean pause);
    - soundStop(AudioPlayer/MediaPlayer sfx);
    - soundSetLoop(AudioPlayer/MediaPlayer sfx, boolean loop);
    - soundGetPosition(AudioPlayer/MediaPlayer sfx);
    - int newSprite(PImage img, int x, int y);
    - newProcess(String processName);
    - spriteSetZ(int spriteId, int z);
    - spriteSetSize(int spriteId, float size);
    - spriteSetAngle(int spriteId, float angle);
    - spriteSetGraph(int spriteId, PImage img);
    - sprite spriteGetId(int spriteId);
    - spriteKill(int spriteId);
    - spriteSetName(String nameofCallback);
    - spriteSetVisible(int spriteId, boolean visible);
    - signal(int spriteId, S_KILL/S_FREEZE/S_SLEEP/S_WAKEUP);
    - newText(PFont fnt, int x, int y, int centerCode, String text);
    - deleteText(int textId);
    - textSetSize(int textId, int size);
    - textSetColor(int textId, color col);
    - textSetStr(int textId, String str);
    - textSetPosition(int textId, int x, int y);
    - String getTime();
    - String getDate();
  • This night i publish the first release of the lib, y work on examples now..

  • Desktop template and examples are ready, i working on examples for Android..

  • Download Available al first post, enjoy your games!

  • any suggestions for game examples?

  • Snake


  • Ok, incomming snake ;)

  • Game example for snake "not finished" in zip for download at first post ;) Available for win/linux/mac/android

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