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After running into about 50 road blocks in every direction, I'm prompted to query the community here. TLDR, if you use Mother to hop between sketches in a live setting.... 1. do you use PDE, Eclipse, Intellij? 2. method of exporting sketches (synths) to jars?

TLDR: Apparently Processing 3 isn't compatible currently with Mother because of inherent changes. There are no easy and concise examples of use of Mother in Eclipse / Intellij. Mother works in PDE with examples and looks promising until I go to compile my sketches into jars with JarMatey. JarMatey is broken, won't download in PDE (2.2.1) and won't respond to manual installation (moving it in tools folder). This is on Mac. Besides, mother doesn't really run full screen properly (to my knowledge) with settings in the .ini file unless you really know your dimensions in advanced. Running it in the PDE fullscreen works but includes a "stop" button in the bottom left corner, which apparently only can be taken away if your export the app. I exported the app in PDE (both Mother Delivery and Mother Controller) and all seems to be well with no "Stop" only Delivery doesn't pick up OSC messages suddenly. Read somewhere that Controller's methods must be public to work in the exported version. Changed all of those methods to public... still doesn't work. Read this great but short blog about using "one sketch to rule them all." Getting hopes up of avoiding using Mother. Examples incomplete and useless for a noob like me.

Basically, I can't gain any traction and I'm at square one still... trying to figure out how to run multiple sketches in sequence: triggered by key press. All I'm left with is what I started with is this maintenance-nightmare solution of putting everything in one file. So please, if you use Mother successfully, do you have a template? advice? or anything a pseudo-beginner could use to actually use this stuff?


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