Leaf Venation, Hyphae & Mycelium - turning algorithm into code?

Hey there!

I would like to create a program which simulates the way in which networks of mycelium grow. I came across [this paper] discussing algorithms for the generation of leaf venation patterns, and believe this is a good place to start coding from.

I also came across [this] github repository by Andres Hoff, who has achieved something similar in Python.

My problem is that I have no idea how I would turn these algorithms into code. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction or give me some suggestions? It would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Step one would probably be to restate the algorithm in your own words. Break it down into a series of simple steps. Those steps should be as small as possible, so break them down into sub-steps whenever you can.

    Then you can start thinking about implementing each of those sub-steps in actual code.

  • @KevinWorkman Thanks man, this seems like a pretty good way to start. I'll do some thinking on this tonight and post my results in this thread tomorrow :)

  • agreed

    also you can translate py into processing

  • I thought someone created a Python mode for Processing :-?

  • oups


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