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I want to write a shader that takes in a main texture, splits it in 9 equal pieces and outputs only the one in the center, but for each pixel, overlay the corresponding ones from the other 8 pieces added together (actually only one would actually have a color for that pixel, the others would be transparent). How would i go around doing something like that?Thanks!!



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    This should get you started:

    void setup() {
        size(600, 600, P2D);
        PImage mainTexture = loadImage("http" + "://");
        // Using Processing's texture shader example as base
        String[] vertSource = {
            "#define PROCESSING_TEXTURE_SHADER",
            "uniform mat4 transform;",
            "uniform mat4 texMatrix;",
            "attribute vec4 vertex;",
            "attribute vec4 color;",
            "attribute vec2 texCoord;",
            "varying vec4 vertColor;",
            "varying vec4 vertTexCoord;",
            "void main() {",
                "gl_Position = transform * vertex;",
                "vertColor = color;",
                "vertTexCoord = texMatrix * vec4(texCoord, 1.0, 1.0);",
        String[] fragSource = {
            "#version 120", // First class arrays require GLSL version 1.20 (or higher)
            "#ifdef GL_ES",
            "precision mediump float;",
            "precision mediump int;",
            // Create scale vec2 to map incoming UVs to 1/3 to the "tile" size
            "const vec2 scale = vec2(0.3333, 0.3333);",
            // Create offset vec2 array to sample from the 8 surrounding "tiles"
            "const vec2 offset[8] = vec2[] (",
                "vec2(0.0000, 0.0000), vec2(0.3333, 0.0000), vec2(0.6666, 0.0000),",
                "vec2(0.0000, 0.3333), vec2(0.6666, 0.3333),",
                "vec2(0.0000, 0.6666), vec2(0.3333, 0.6666), vec2(0.6666, 0.6666)",
            "uniform sampler2D texture;",
            "varying vec4 vertColor;",
            "varying vec4 vertTexCoord;",
            "void main() {",
                // Get the color of the middle "tile"
                "vec4 finalColor = texture2D(texture, * scale + vec2(0.3333, 0.3333)) * vertColor;",
                // Overlay the 8 surrounding "tiles"
                "for(int n = 0; n < offset.length(); ++n) {",
                    "vec4 tileColor = texture2D(texture, * scale + offset[n]) * vertColor;",
                    "finalColor.rgb = mix(finalColor.rgb, tileColor.rgb, tileColor.a);",
                // Return the final color
                "gl_FragColor = finalColor;",
        PShader textureShader = new PShader(this, vertSource, fragSource);
        image(mainTexture, 0, 0, width, height);

    And the image (the sketch will download it automatically):


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    Sorry, don't know. I never used Unity.

    But as my implementation of the shader works in Processing it's pretty clear that either your Unity-port of the shader is flawed or the binding/rendering in Unity itself. If you'd upload your shader code maybe someone would be able to help you.

    Anyhow, you should ask Unity related questions over at the Unity forums.

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