processing error at startup

Hi when I open processing it gives me this error:

processing_error It happens with Processing 2 and 3. I tryed to reinstall java, cancel Processing preference, check java path. Nothing. I thing that is something concerning my system a not a processing bug. Do you have some hints about it? Thanks



  • Mac ? Win? Linux?


    Win 7?

    Update java?

    Update grapic card driver?

    Win: do you / processing have admin rights?

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    you're right. Windows 7 java version 1.8.0_60-b.27 yes processing has admistrator rights.

    This the log from processing --l4j-debug

    Version:    3.4
    CmdLine:    C:\Program Files (x86)\processing-2.2.1\processing.exe --l4j-debug
    WOW64:      yes
    Working dir:    C:\Program Files (x86)\processing-2.2.1\.
    Bundled JRE:    java
    Check launcher: C:\Program Files (x86)\processing-2.2.1\java\bin\javaw.exe (OK)
    Add classpath:  lib\pde.jar
    Add classpath:  core\library\core.jar
    Add classpath:  lib\jna.jar
    Add classpath:  lib\antlr.jar
    Add classpath:  lib\ant.jar
    Add classpath:  lib\ant-launcher.jar
    Add classpath:  lib\org-netbeans-swing-outline.jar
    Add classpath:  lib\
    Add classpath:  lib\jdi.jar
    Add classpath:  lib\jdimodel.jar
    Add classpath:  lib\org.eclipse.osgi_3.8.1.v20120830-144521.jar
    Launcher:   C:\Program Files (x86)\processing-2.2.1\java\bin\javaw.exe
    Launcher args:  -Djna.nosys=true -classpath "lib;lib\pde.jar;core\library\core.jar;lib\jna.jar;lib\antlr.jar;lib\ant.jar;lib\ant-launcher.jar;lib\org-netbeans-swing-outline.jar;lib\;lib\jdi.jar;lib\jdimodel.jar;lib\org.eclipse.osgi_3.8.1.v20120830-144521.jar"
    Args length:    294/32768 chars
    Exit code:  259
  • Try the Windows 32bit version, I assume you are trying the 64bit

    What are you using to unzip the download? Some unarchivers dont handle long filenames very well. Might be worth googling your zipper.

  • thanks guys no processing is 32 bit and also java. To unzip I use 7zip. I don't know I'm working in Eclipse but this thing keep me awake. For me there's something in Windows...

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\processing-2.2.1

    try unzipping it somewhere without spaces in the directory name. i vaguely remember something having that issue before.

  • no spaces and () sounds good

    7zip also is good imho

  • I don't know I'm working in Eclipse

    What does this mean? Why mention Eclipse?

  • [SOLVED] the problem was the antivirus BitDefender. I will investigate further...

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