Exported application doesn't run (Processing 2.2.1), version 3.0 could give problems with libraries

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Hi all,

not sure if this is the right category because I have a problem running my sketch exported as stand-alone application, but the solution of the issue could give problems with the libraries I'm using, controlP5 and IGeo.

I'm running Processing 2.2.1 and when I export the sketch I don't get any error, I get the folders (win32 and win64) with the .jar files for the libraries and I have already pasted the fonts and images I'm loading inside the folder. When I try to run the application the window appears but it remains empty, the sketch doesn't run, while it works perfectly if I run it in Processing.

I read that this issue should be fixed with Processing 3.0, but I'm afraid that with the new update IGeo library will not work (Beta Version is for Processing 2.2.1) and some features of controlP5 will give me an error.

Does anybody know how to solve the issue?

Thanks in advance!


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