applet of processing does not work in html

Hi guys generate applet my program, but the html does not block. Anyone know how to fix it.



  • What version of Processing are you using? How are you creating the applet? What exactly do you mean by "the html does not block"? Do you see any errors?

  • With Processing 2.2.1 you can use the Applet Maker tool to create applets.

    The tool can be installed through the PDE Tools menu

  • yes, I'm using the appletMaker and exported the applet so my program. But when I open the index.html sends me a java error. In chrome I gave permission for it to run but still block the applet.

  • sends me a java error

    exactly what error?

  • I will allow the applet and I reload the page, but now the page is in blank.

    I put the whole folder on a local server.


  • error

    Anyone know how to resolve it? in the java control panel set the route index in the list of exceptions and still not working.

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    1st off, if using a Chrome-based browser you need:

    Firefox-based browsers are more recommended though since it got no such issue.

    The rest is configure Java plugin to accept your domain.

  • Alternatively, run a Web server on your computer and access your page via localhost, to see it as a user getting the page as usual.
    Indeed, file:// schema is often limited by browsers (Java, JavaScript, etc.) for security reasons.

  • First of all: you don't need a server to run an applet.

    Secondly: Nothing you've posted is an error. That first screen is expected when running a Java applet. That second screen is just a blank page. Check your Java console for errors. Go into your control panel and set it to always come up when an applet starts.

    Third: applets are pretty much dead, and if at all possible, you should be deploying as JavaScript. In fact, the latest version of chrome disables applets entirely, so I assume you're changing your npapi settings.

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