make Processing REALLY portable ?

Hi, I'm working in schools and I would to create a portable version, usable on USB stick. Also because there are security, and as I work in different school there are different securities. On Processing3 I didn't find all the option I could find in Processing2 preferences.

Thansk a lot for helping me.


  • What options couldn't you find?

  • settings.path=data sketchbook.path=sketch

    It permits to make it transportable, but it still writes something in \AppData\Roaming\Processing

  • Have you found out how to do it? I'm also interested.

  • No, I think there's no way unless Processing team add it in Preferences....

  • Please add that as a suggestion on GitHub:

  • Thansk, I'll do this.

  • There's a processing app for android

  • Try using the linux version, Im fairly certain that it is .jar based which is completely cross platform. as long as the files are setup in a way that the program can read them I think it could work.

  • I tried but I cannot launch any jar....

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    Hi, sorry for coming in on this long after the conversation has ended. You may have this sorted but in case not I'll continue. I created a portable Processing 3.2.1 by downloading the source files and modifying appDataRoamng in by adding the variable:

    String portablePath = "PortableAppData"; //this is a relative path to the processing.exe

    then changed the line: String appDataRoaming = getAppDataPath();

    to: String appDataRoaming = portablePath;

    This works locally and shows the new path in preferences so is not writing to AppData/Roaming. will be testing on work computer tomorrow. If it works on those it'll work anywhere.

  • Nice, @puddinghill, is that possible for you to share this portable windows version? Thank you.

  • Hello, sorry for also being late to this conversation. I have created a portable version of Processing 3.3.7. You can download it here. The sketchbook folder is also portable by default, so that Processing doesn't show the "sketchbook not found" error.

  • From what I understand, you modified a fork of the Processing and added the futures in the previous post so to modify the definition of sketchPath() functions or any alike?

    Please notice there is a new forum:


  • Yes, I changed the 'locateSketchbookFolder' function. If the sketchbook was not found or hasn't been set, it simply sets it to a local folder, and writes the relative path to it in the settings.

  • @WowStudios Do you know if this was ever added to Processing Github issue tracker as a feature request? It would be great to add this post to it or even create a pull request.


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    A agree -- it would be excellent if this was available as a pull request on github. Or even just as a fork, just so that people could see how your changes were done. I would be interested in making it work for mac as well, if the linked is Windows-only.

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