Howto get processing 3 to work in eclipse or netBeans?

Processing 2 works fine for me in eclipse, though I found I needed to use proclipsing to make it work right. I tried using processing 3 simply by redirecting the proclipsing project setup to the processing 3 library folder rather then the processing 2 folder. That did not work. I did put the size() command into a separate settings() method as directed by the processing 3 announcement. But The default empty app or a hello world app just gives a runtime error saying it's not an applet.

processing 3 does work for me in the Processing application, so it's not my code, but rather something about the proclipsing project.

So how do I get processing 3 to work in eclipse? Or NetBeans?

By the way, searching for processing3 in the forum is difficult. Is there a tag for this?


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    But the default empty app or a hello world app just gives a runtime error saying it's not an Applet.

    Dunno either! But just wanted you to be aware that since Processing 3.0a6, PApplet doesn't extend Applet anymore! :-@

  • @GoToLoop yes thanks for the suggestion, I had seen that stated in the P3 announcement. And I did try inserting some boilerplate code to try running it as a java main() program too. didn't get that to work. However I find the instruction command line needed to run as a Java Main, slightly opaque--- it's a recipie I copied not a synthetic understanding--so I don't know if the recipie changed for processing 3.

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    I don't have Processing 3 installed. But when we export a sketch by pressing CTRL+E, we can see the generated ".java" file.

  • @gototloop. that's a good idea. I'll try exporting it from processing and the seeing if it works in eclipse.

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    @cems did you ever solve this?

    Answer is here:

    public static void main(String args[]) { PApplet.main(new String[] { "--present", "yourClassName" }); }

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