How to save the recorded audio on web server?

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I have gone through audio recording example on this link - . However in the example it downloads and save on the client local system, where I want to save the audio file on the web server. Can anyone help me on this?




  • AFAIK js can't save to server. It's limited by design for safety reasons. Unless it is running server side via node.js. Than save shouldn't be a problem, look for fs module then... Otherwise, you might need to use a server side language to save to server, PHP for instance. There is this library that uses to do this, but I think it was designed to be used in java mode not p5.js... the php file might get you started though. Another thought that just occurred to me is to use the SFTP library to save the file... ??? perhaps...

  • Thanks a lot _VK ..

  • Hi, I'm running my little p5js website on a Raspberry Pi with node.js. Is there an option to save the recorded audio file in the same directory as the index.html?

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