detecting color of particular points

I have this visualization that picks thousands of random colors in a kind of pointilistic way. I have used the kinect in a very basic way with processing. I've noticed that the libraries and routing apps that have been written for it to connect to Windows (in particular) make it easy to do stuff like skeletal tracking, because that is one unique feature of the kinect.

What I want to do with the thing is to collect color data from specific points from the camera. This way I can integrate my pointilistic ideas with it and make it become some mosaic of the image in front of the Kinect by tinting the pointilistic colors to match closely with incoming data.

My question is simple. Are there any particular tools or libraries or general things I need to know to be able to do this... if it is even possible?



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    For a pixel in your sketch: get(x,y); For an image, like one from a cam: img.get(x,y);

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