New version of Open Kinect for Processing

I've released a new version of the Open Kinect library. This library is just for access to the raw depth and RGB data. It should work with Kinect 1414 and 1473 (and other v1 kinects?) on Mac OS X with Processing 2.2.1+. The library includes all native libfreenect and libsub files and should require no separate install. I would love any help testing before I update the contributions manager.


Bug reports:



  • Hey! Thanks for the updates! I just downloaded the new version (5th pre-release of 2015 Processing 3.0 compatible library) and have problems because of the code compilation:

    AveragePointTracking.pde:18:0:18:0: UnsupportedClassVersionError: org/openkinect/processing/Kinect : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0 UnsupportedClassVersionError: A library is using code compiled with an unsupported version of Java.

    How can I compile the source code ( I already download it from so that I can run the library with java 8? Could you pass me the compile line?

    All best! Ewelina

  • Which version of Processing are you using? Can you try with 3.0b1? If it's still not working file a github issue please, thank you!

  • hi, i work with processing 2.2.1 and the open kinect library does not work

  • Thank you for this! I'm the same, with my files not finding open kinect libraries.

    No library found for org.openkinect

  • Thank you for your contributions on kinect. I need to not only get raw depth Image but also raw depth data from my kinect. Note that i am using windows 7 64 bit with kinect 1414. I googled a lot but i didnt find suitable library to do the above.

  • hello sos from Paris, I have an interactive sketch very well developped on OSX 10.6.8 with Processing 1.5.1, worked excellently... now my old Mac book pro has been destroyed and on my new Mac Book Air has the Sierra OSX 10.3 and the Processing 3.X gives my headache since a year it says: more than one librairy is competing: i. e. to import org.jbox2d collision shapes points to multiple librairies: - Box 2D for processing - Fisica - PBox 2D

    Extra librairie need to be removed before this sketch can be used

    But where and how do I have to do this? The up coming message does not allow me to do anything on my sketch, and in the : librairies folder what do i have to remove - i have been told i dare not to upgrade any P 1.5.1 librairie...


    is there any easy going solution, or is there someone in or around Paris/France to help me out best

  • in addition here are the imports of the P 1.5.1 versionmport processing.opengl.*; // opengl import SimpleOpenNI.*; // kinect import blobDetection.*; // blobs import toxi.geom.*; // toxiclibs shapes and vectors import toxi.processing.*; // toxiclibs display import pbox2d.*; // shiffman's jbox2d helper library import org.jbox2d.collision.shapes.*; // jbox2d import org.jbox2d.common.*; // jbox2d import org.jbox2d.dynamics.*; // jbox2d

    // Let's import controlP5 libraries ! import java.awt.Frame; import java.awt.BorderLayout; import controlP5.*;

  • still no any answer... sos

  • Do you have the tree command? You need to execute this in a console. Go to your sketch folder and retrieve the tree of your folder by issuing tree .

    When you have competing libraries, it means either there are different libraries with the same packages OR your source code comes with some libraries that are already available in Processing. These libraries are available because you install them through the Processing IDE's lib manager. The first thing I will do if I were you is to remove those conflicting libraries using the library manager. However, there is another concern. If you are coming from Processing 1.5, there is no guarantee your original libraries will work with Processing 3. If they do, you are very lucky. One suggestion is to install Processing 1.5 and see if you can get your code working with an older version.


  • thanks kfrajer of cours the 1.5.1 version was good and easy working , thing is: I have a Mac Book Pro with sierra OSX 10.12.5 and the only Processing is 3.X most sketches work but not the very best interactiv sketch , and there is NO RETURNING BACK, even the SimpleOpenNI nor the pbox2d "let themselves install" into the "other libraries" the I spent hours and days... is there anyone in Paris or France to help me out...? Re-SOS

  • i made some ^rogress with your help, but the 4 following make still trouble:

    pbox2d pour fallingxyz et abbyss et KS3 jbox2D toxi SimpleOpenNI javax

    i can't find them and thus can't enter them into the P 3.3 library thanks for advice

  • edited December 2017

    Hello there! I could setup Processing 3.3.6 and Kinect V1 with SimpleOpenni library, also now I can use skeleton tracking.

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