Does it work with Internet Explorer?

I tried it with Internet Explorer 8 and 11 and it does not work. Unfortunately, I am "forced" to use IE8 on my work place and it is nothing that I can do about it. Can you provide some workaround for IE8 ? if not can you tell me a similar alternative to p5.js that works with IE8? I really like how processing works but if I cannot use it on IE8 it's useless for me :(


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    IE8 hasn't even a support for canvas! Si you are totally out of luck with this browser.
    I noticed IE8 becomes the new IE6, the least loved browser by all web developers...
    (Although at the public library of my town, they still have IE6 on the public computers! Accessing any Internet site is a pain with them...)

    @GoToLoop: good advice on using a decent browser on a USB key, although companies locking to old IE versions often also lock using external programs this way, I fear...

  • Looks like it should work on IE11: p5.js supported browsers

    companies locking to old IE versions often also lock using external programs this way

    It may simply be that they're stuck on Windows XP and hence locked to IE8; which as you say was the new IE6. With the removal of widespread support for XP - meaning the oldest 'supported' version is IE9 - most sensible web developers have opted not to support it at all.

    Running apps from USB is really useful; and you can usually copy the app folder onto the PC hard drive, or Dropbox, or Google Drive; so as long as you can get the files onto the PC you should be able to run them... I've used a portable version of Notepad++ for quite a while; so I can take my preferred configuration and plugins with me wherever I go :)

  • Thank you for the answers. IE11 should be supported but in practice it does not work :) I planned to make some small application to be used by the complete team directly from the web browser, now I will make them in processing and only put the link on the web browser to start them. I hate the internal policies used at the company where I work but is nothing that I can do :) The switch from XP to W7 was made only last year :)

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