Integrating JOCL with Processing

Has anyone tried to use JOCL with Processing successfully? Last tests that I found from the interwebs is close to 5 years old and none of the examples work anymore. I also stumbled on a library test using Aparapi but none of those tests work either.

The snag I hit was JOCL not finding it's native libraries - it finds (almost) all of the other components. The self test in the built package finds my display adapter and spits out tons of OpenGL log stuff on the screen.

Testing this in Linux Mint with all the library jars inside "code" folder inside the sketch's folder.

Code so far:

import com.jogamp.opencl.CLBuffer;
import com.jogamp.opencl.CLCommandQueue;
import com.jogamp.opencl.CLContext;
import com.jogamp.opencl.CLDevice;
import com.jogamp.opencl.CLKernel;
import com.jogamp.opencl.CLProgram;

import static java.lang.System.*;
import static com.jogamp.opencl.CLMemory.Mem.*;   // does not find this, although it is in the .jar
import static java.lang.Math.*;

void setup () {

    size(800, 600);

    CLContext context = CLContext.create();    // this crashes as it can not find the libraries
    println("created " + context);

Has anyone fiddled with this?



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