I removed mode PDE-X for a test. Now I can NOT install it again!

I removed mode PDE-X for a test. After restarting Processing 2.2.1 again and starting 'Add mode...' there are only listed the installed modes with a remove button. There are no possibility to add PDE-X or other modes anymore. What's wrong - is it a bug ? Has Processing 3.0a installation influence to v2.2.1 ? Are there some docs about how 'Add modes...' work internally ?

How can I install PDE-X mode again?



  • It's repaired - there is a directory with the old files at ..\processing_sketches_\modes\old... copy directory "2015-mm-dd ExperimentalMode" back to ..\processing_sketches_\modes and rename it to "ExperimentalMode" restart OpenProcessing - voila - "Add Mode..." command brings up PDE-X mode again!

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