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hy there i hope i can explain my question:

i want to catch images from my ip-webcam and a helpful user wrote that i could work with:

URL url = new URL("http://" + "webacm-ip-adr:8084/snapshot.cgi");
InputStream input = url.openStream();
String jpg = "sample.jpg";
FileOutputStream output = new FileOutputStream(jpg);
IOUtils.copy(input, output);

but now i need to include the library - i´ve done some ocr testings including and co and all worked but i dont have a clue how i could solve that :( :(

the initial question was:

i´ve an ip webcam and i want to read&save a .jpg file out of the path

webacm-ip-adr:8084/snapshot.cgi i´ve little java experience and would like to program it in processing to keep it simple:

i´ve found this link:

https://www.java.net/node/702486 but its a slight overkill for me to understand it would be great if i can work with the 2 processing examples: web/loadingimages and net/httpClient

or do i make an logic mistake and its not solveable this way ?


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