How to create an executable that will not be stopped by anti-virus software

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I've written a simple Java Script game. I used Processing 2.2.1 to export the program into a Windows 64 executable. It runs well on my PC. I used the "Embed Java for Windows (64-bit)" option.

I uploaded the executable file to my website. The link is

When I downloaded the program to a Windows 7 64-bit PC, its installation of Avast anti-virus would not allow the executable to run. When I transferred the file from my PC to the other PC's public folder (the two PC's share a homegroup), the same problem occurred.

How can I use Processing 2.2.1 to create .exe files that other people can trust?



  • If it's a JavaScript game, why don't you just deploy as JavaScript?

  • I think spitfire mixed up Java and JavaScript, like many people...

    Perhaps try this on the downloaded file: go to properties, see at the bottom, there might be an Unlock button. Click it and click OK. Maybe it can work now.
    Or just tell Avast the file is safe...

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