Integration Java SE + Processing

Hello! I'm having some trouble on trying to integrate JavaSE + Processing.

I'll explain: I am doing a app to show the tumor grouth and I have some variables that I have to throw into my program, I'm doing this by code but my purpose is to do some forms with JFrame and call a class to execute the app. I am using Eclipse, I imported the Processing libraries into Eclipse and it's running when I don't use JavaSE. The trouble shows up when I am at the Java SE forms and I throw the informations. I don't know what to do. Look at here:

GameModel gameModel = new GameModel(tamX, tamY, tamPix); RandGame g = new RandGame(gameModel); //What I have to do now? Call g.draw()? g.setup()? Other method?

I, obviously, tried to run g.draw() and g.setup() and I got a error stack that if I run directly the Processing class I don't get.

Forgive me if you don't understand my problem, I'm from Brazil and I'm not used to write this kinda text in English.


By: Ericson



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