Sound Library Confusion

Hello all, I am relatively new to processing here,...

I am trying to get some audio information from a video that I have playing using the video library in processing. I have been clicking around for a couple hours and have seemingly found a way that I can analyze the video's sound information and use the information to trigger events...

My answer came in the form of the sound library;

However I have not been able to get the library installed. The 'Sound' library doesn't show up in the 'sketch, import library' dropdown, nor does it appear in the list that you can search through by clicking 'add library'. The other 5 big ones do show up (PDF, DXF, Serial, Net, Video) and then it would appear that the sound library has been replaced by 'Minim'

When I search for documentation about 'minim' I haven't found anything very helpful, spare for that it is indeed a sound library of sorts.

I tried downloading the 'sound' library following the hyperlink off of the processing page I aforementioned,

but I don't know what the hell is going on with all of those files. haha.

Someday I will know the answer to all of this but for now I am a lost little n00bie, anyone out there have that magic insight I am looking for?

Thanks a ton!!


  • Answer ✓

    Newest Sound library is exclusively for Processing 3!
    If you wish to use that specific library, I advise you to grab v3.0a5.

  • Woa, it crossed my mind that I may not have had the most up-to-date version but I thought it impossible since I just 'recently' installed Processing. Not recent enough apparently!

    Thanks ! :-B

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