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Hi everyone,

I have a sketch full of different transformations to a picture each happening over a certain amount of frames by a press of a key. I divided each transformation into each void. I now want to display ALL of the transformations over 100 frames by a press of the key once (within the same sketch). How do I do this?

Thanks for any help :)


  • Step one: Post the code you have so far. Step two: Post the code of your attempt at doing it.

    It sounds like you have different functions that do different transitions. Do you want to do them all at once, or what? Or have a grid of images and each image gets a different transition? We can't tell, and generally won;t be able to until we see your code.

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    one image - different transitions

    you now have a place where you evaluate your key - with switch or if else if


    once you are there copy the function keyPressed() into a function void transtitionManager() replace key with transtitionNumber and after each transtition say transtitionNumber++;

    call transtitionManager() from draw()


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    I tried using transitionManager, but they still don't seem to work. Any idea @Chrisir? :-?

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    you don't call transitionmanager in draw()

    you don't call loopAll

    keyCount and transitionnumber are very similar now, maybe you need only keycount...

    you don't evaluate transitionnumber, only keycount

    you should use ctrl-t in your code to auto-format

    it depends from what you want - do you want auto-transition that starts automatically at the beginning of sketch ?

    And Without keys to go to the next transition?

    or something else ?

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