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Hi, I have been away from the forum since 2-3 month because I caught up in my job. Meanwhile I was also working on the design for a mobile app for this forum.

I got this idea while I was away and I couldn't keep up with the posts. It is a really great community and daily new people are joining us and I want to help them. I have a concept design for this mobile app which I am sharing here ..


Since I have no experience programming for Android so I couldn't develop it by myself. I would really like if someone could make this app and make it available for free.

I am pretty sure that this app will help so many processing users.

P.S. Please leave you precious feedback so that I can modify the design :)


  • Hello ! It looks great but I don't understand that line : "I am a creative coder and I use processing for creative coding"

    Why don't you do it by yourself using the android-mode of processing ?

  • @tlecoz thanks. :)

    Your First question

    As per my understanding creative coder are those who does coding for creating art such as installation, visualization and many more.

    Here, I have curated the list of some famous creative coder . http://thebutterflybrains.tumblr.com/

    Here, list of few websote I have curated for learning creative coding.. http://codingbug.tumblr.com/ http://p5school.tumblr.com/

    Creative coding is not only limited to software/application rather it involves tangible interaction too. People do create hardware interface and make something interesting. Here is the list of some examples I came across. These are not artistic work but I like it how people hack available resources and create something mind blowing. http://getphysicalwithcomputing.tumblr.com/

    You can also follow all of these my blogs for future updates.

    Now your second question

    You can create android application using processing but the library for android is very limited (AFAIK). I don't know if you can fetch this forum data ( using some sort of API ) into processing. Also native application development gives flexibility to to developers to ingrate difference services sing different APIs. In case even if we develop an application using processing then I am not sure about the performance issues and bugs.

    Using android studio/sdk is always better to create native application for serious purpose.

    Since my knowledge is limited so I could be wrong.

  • Well, the question stands: if you're a coder, why don't you just try to make it yourself? You say you have no experience with Android- well, now's your chance to get some!

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    Hello ! I know what a "creative coder" is, but thank you :) I am one of them actually :)

    "You can create android application using processing but the library for android is very limited"

    I am not an expert with Android-mode in Processing, but as far as I know, every what you need is available in the android-mode. But, to be honest, I think it's not a very good idea to do that kind of thing as a mobile application. It should be better to do it directly as a website using ProcessingJS, then it will be usable by a computer, an android device or an IOS device with a single code.

    Try to write the code in java if you want and I / we will help you to get it working in JS.

    "I don't know if you can fetch this forum data ( using some sort of API )"

    It 's certainly possible but I don't know how to do...

    But I really would like to know too :)

  • @tlecoz I didn't know that you are already in my list :) sorry I don't know your real name so I could't recognize you. ...... yeee

  • Oh no no, I'm not a "popular" creative coder. I don't even have a website :)

    But I have several years of experiences in creative coding, that's why I said I was one of them (creative coder, not "popular coders").

    You 'll probably think I'm a bit arrogant (and you 'd be right :) ) but I think it's much more complex to be a "true coder with creative skills" than a "famous/popular coder who uses the code written by unpopular coders in a creative project/demo ".

    Being famous takes a lot of time. You need a beautiful website with beautiful demos all the time... You need to participate to some workshop all over the world.. To write a book helps to be famous too... It's almost a job in the job :)

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    @tlecoz .. First, I have never thought you were being arrogant :) People, here, at this forum are really kind and intelligent. Actually, I couldn't even imagine they would have any kind of arrogance otherwise we would haven't so many people here :) right !

    Also everybody here on this forum is a creative coder, in making :) :) including you and me. :) :)

    tooo many smiley :)

  • Hey, blyk. A few months ago I also had the same idea you had! :) I would love to work with you on this if you would like. I have a lot of experience with API's, networking, and processing. :) :) I also know Objective-c so I can build a apple version of this app! :)

  • Oh great @RywesTech... please go ahead :) I would be really happy to see an app for the proccessing forum users. Please let me know what are the things do you need.

    you can pm on ixd.abhi[at]gmail.com

  • Have you heard of responsive web design? That would be a MUCH better approach to making the forum more functional on mobile devices than writing an App:

    • Apps are platform specific => you have to maintain an app for every platform you want to support
    • By definition a forum requires an internet connection; so the user will already have access to the forum via a browser => there's little benefit to accessing via an app; except styling which can mostly be fixed via CSS and media queries...

    IMHO Apps are the most evil thing to happen to internet freedom and should not be used to serve content that is already available via a browser!!!

  • I'm gonna start working on a swift (apple) version of the app very soon. The way it will work is this:

                                      Processing Fourm Server
                                    My app server to host the API
                                        |--------|-------|-------—> Public API
                                        |                |
                                        |                |
                                        |                |
                                        |                |
                                  Android App         Apple App

    That way there will be public, easy-to-use API so you guys can make your own processing fourm interfaces. And the android app and the apple app will use the same data source.

  • Started working on the app today, I will start on the API later next week.

  • @RywesTech go go go ... we will cover you :) :)

  • just noticed... my pic looks like yours! :)

  • @Repet :) Isn't that amazing :)

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