edited May 2015 in p5.js

Sometimes I have a hard time using this function


  • Probably easiest for us to help if you post an example of code that doesn't work for you. From the comment you left before you edited your post it looked like you were trying to call push() on an object other than p5. In that case the error you were getting made sense.

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    Sorry, before I was doing push(); and then for some reason it started working again. I tried to delete this thread since I figured it out and I dont know how or why.

    Maybe I was doing Push(); instead of push(); ?? Im not sure. But it was weird

  • For future reference: it's usually best to post some code if you're having problems and then, if you fix it yourself, post the solution as an answer; rather than editing your original post. That way anyone else having similar problems will find a solution ;)

    If you're still not 100% clear how you fixed your problem it may still be worth posting some code so we can clarify things for you...

  • @Byrie: maybe just share your insights for the others....


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