New release Ketai sensor library v11 for Processing 3.0

We just released Ketai v11 with updated sensors

Find it at along with an all new reference site and github repo. The processing library script hasn't picked up the update yet to use Add library... in the Processing IDE.



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    hi. if i may ask you something , for the moment i have a samsung galasx j5, androidv.:5.1.1 lollilop and i have the apde app the latest one 0.3.3 .. its working fine with its inbuild examples, i installed the ketai libraray and tried to run some sketches but it failed to compile with Error " No libray found for ketai sensors, and "Compilation with ECJ failed " although the library is intsalled .. can u tell something about it ?

  • I just wanted to say how awesome Ketai is. Thank you so much for making it.

  • Thank you for the Ketai Library!! Could you add Bluetooth LE support to the next update? Would be great!


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