GSoC 2015 Last minute feedback on ideas.

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I know deadline is pretty soon, but I was too busy and haven't had much time to think about proposals earlier. But I really love idea behind processing and how it is accessible to the, javascript and now that p5.js is a thing I'd really love to contribute. Now I'm kind of in a panic mode and trying to find some last minute interesting ideas to work on.

So I would like to have some feedback onto my ideas, are they any good, and should I spend last days before gsoc 15 deadline to turn them into basic code sketches and turn it into proposal on melange website or should I just accept defeat and wait for another gsoc?

Rough ideas:

  • Create separate lib. which will allow you to connect smartphone via and small node.js server to control the sketch using phone gyro
  • Write an translator program/utility/web service to translate processing sketches code into "processing.js" code and vice versa, possibly an online hosted version or maybe other versions like command line util.
  • ? Introduce some other interesting control inputs to processing like tracking colors for example in this js lib ( or doppler effect (

Thanks a lot for the feedback in advance.



  • A stand-alone library for p5.js fits the scope for GSOC perfectly. Libraries that facilitate mobile development and computer vision are both good candidates. At the moment, my feeling is that working natively in JS or Java offer different pros and cons and it's better to focus on making these environments better over tools for translating between them.

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