Open-Kinect Kinect V2 and Kinect for Xbox One.

Hi I'm in the process of finishing up my proposal and i had a few more questions. I want to add support for the newer Kinect using Libfreenect2. I think processing is eventually going to need support for the newer Kinect as the old one was recently discontinued. The newer version is a lot more powerful. I think it would be exciting and beneficial to the processing community to be able to use the newer Kinect.

Libfreenect2 is not backwards compatible with the old Kinect, but the API calls look really similar. I think i could use some of the code from the original Open-Kinect for processing. My first question is should I propose to make separate library or extend Open-Kinect?

Libfreenect2 doesn't have a clean java wrapper like its prior version, but i can use JNA to bridge the c API already created. I think the work would be minimal but I'm worried that would be working to far away from processing. My intent is to make the new Kinects available to processing users without the windows SDK on any operating system. Is this to much work not directly with processing even though the end result is for processing?

The main features i want users to be able to retrieve are an RGB, IR, and Depth Image. OpenNI2 works on the kinect V2 with the sdk and i recently found a fork that allows it to function with Libfreenect2. Should i focus purely on Open-Kinect?

Sorry for the late questions, I've been trying to get a good feel for libfreenect and libfreenect2.


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