"Hello Processing" - beta interactive tutorial for the "Hour of Code"
  • Hello everyone!

    I'm pleased to announce that Processing will be participating in this year's "Hour of Code" for Computer Science Education Week (http://csedweek.org/ Dec 9 -15). We have released a beta version of our interactive tutorial:


    The tutorial is a short introduction to programming with Processing, covering only the very basics: drawing, color, and mouse interaction. It is comprised of video tutorials that play alongside a code editor and HTML5 canvas which executes via Processing.js.

    We would love as many folks as possible to test out the tutorial and find bugs. The ideal tester is a total beginner so if you know someone who has never programmed before, please pass the link along!

    We welcome any and all suggestions, but we likely won't be adding any new features for the Hour of Code. Right now we're mostly looking to find out what is broken. You can file bug reports (please note your OS, browser, etc.) here:


    You can also ask questions about the tutorial in the "Hello Processing" category:


    A special thanks to Scott Garner, Jesse Chorng, Graham Mooney, Scott Murray and Casey Reas who helped to shoot the videos, write the scripts, and develop all the interactive features for the site. More here: http://hello.processing.org/about/.

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts!


  • Very impressive. I have tried to teach Processing to non-programmers and it is very tricky. This seems like an amazingly non-threatening tool.

  • Thank you very much, again, Daniel!

  • It's really cool

  • cool for beginners

  • Thanx Dan! you made it all so easy!

    unfortunately, due to the capability variance of Android devices … I only develop for iOS signedUp for notifications … and will check often for ability to use Processing for my work.


  • Fantastic tutorial. I have taken many other online classes from udacity, udemy, coursera and others and BY FAR this instructor was not only knowledgeable but FUN, LIVELY, Energetic, and not put me to sleep. I can watch this one (and hopefully other tutorial) by the same instructor. A thousand Thanks.

  • The hour of code tutorial was so beautifully done... it helped convince my brother processing was worth investing time in. It really captures a good picture of what processing is and could be.

  • just stumbled over it. great job :)